Devising Dance in Southeast Asia

New Zealander Lucy Marinkovich reflects on her collaborative choreographic methods in two pieces for Penang Dance Day 2016.


Contemporary Dance in PeTA Tari

Norsafini Jafar recounts the diverse themes and ideas showcased in contemporary dance works by undergraduate Dance students at ASWARA for their final year assessment in 2015.

How to Position Your Body to Survive

In the midst of its conception, Australian dance maker Ashley Dyer reflects on trying to create SK!N, a work about human trafficking, without sacrificing integrity, complexity and the voices of the people at the heart of the issue.

In Choreography, I am Young!

Interview by Bilqis Hijjas.

Wong Jyh Shyong (JS), artistic director and resident choreographer at Damansara Performing Arts Centre, discusses a shift in his creative methods away from dance theatre to devising more open-ended work, with material generated by the dancers

A Journey in the Heart of One Dancer

Dancer Norbaizura Abdul Ghani shares her experience in the creation of the contemporary work “Heart Piece” along with choreographer Mohammad Naim Syahrazad.

Southeast Asian Choreolab 2015

Revisiting the exchanges that he encountered during the Southeast Asian Choreolab 2015, Faillul Adam describes how the event has impacted him.

Investigating the Space of the Body through Shaking

In her research paper for her M.A. in Contemporary Dance Performance at the University of Limerick, Ireland, Murni Omar explains how a single movement can open up infinite possibilities, as she discovered while making her final project in 2014

Talking about Love Through Dance

Dua Space Dance Company dancer Lim Hong Jie talks about his experience rehearsing for the company’s recent performance, Men and Women are Seeking for LOVE, held at Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre from 28 to 31

The Pak Yung and I: My Attempt at Becoming King

National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage, Malaysia (ASWARA) graduate Imran Syafiq recounts his nerve-wracking but joyous experience as a student performing on a particular night in Joseph Gonzales’ Becoming King: Pak Yung Revisited, which was staged at the

Editorial: A Space for Sharing

MyDance Alliance president Bilqis Hijjas shares her hopes for Langkah in bridging gaps between physical and verbal, and between the various community languages in Malaysia.