Editing Team

David Lim

David Lim graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Philosophy. He was previously the publications/media officer for MyDance Alliance and is currently the organizer of the annual Contact Festival Kuala Lumpur. He was also the director of Asia-Pacific Impro! and of the MyDance Improvisation Series in 2013. David loves to read and think about dance.


Bilqis Hijjas
Associate editor  & Bahasa Melayu translator

Bilqis Hijjas writes, produces, performs and teaches about contemporary dance in Malaysia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies from Harvard University, a masters in applied anthropology from Australian National University, and a Graduate Diploma in Choreography at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne. Currently the President of MyDance Alliance, a membership organisation supporting dance in Malaysia, Bilqis also lectures in dance history and criticism at University of Malaya, writes on dance in the Klang Valley at kldancewatch.wordpress.com, and directs the dance program at private arts centre Rimbun Dahan, which offers residencies for contemporary dance choreographers.


Leng Poh Gee
Bahasa Melayu editor and translator

Leng Poh Gee holds a Master of Arts (Performing Arts) from University of Malaya and a Bachelor of Science (Human Development) from Universiti Putra Malaysia. He is currently a dance lecturer in the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts at the Sultan Idris Education University and is a MyDance Alliance committee member.


Past Editors

Koh Aun Qi
Associate editor

Koh Aun Qi is an Honours graduate in Government and International Relations from Sydney University, Australia. Originally from Penang, she discovered dance at the very late age of 18, and eventually served as president of the Sydney University Movement and Dance Society in 2013. She is interested in the role of the performing arts in society, and the role of popular culture in politics, which she covers regularly in her blog, Political Beanie. Aun Qi also writes about dance for Hiphop Legacy Magazine in Sydney, Australia. [2015]


Tan Bee Hung
Chinese language editor & translator

Tan Bee Hung trained in contemporary dance with Kuala Lumpur based Kwang Tung Dance Company . Currently a dancer with the company, she was selected to participate in the International Young Choreographers’ Project 2013 in Taiwan. Her works have been presented at KTDC’s Kua Bu Series, MyDance Festival, Tari and the International Young Choreographers’ Project Showcase. Her interest in different forms of art and performance has resulted in collaborations with artists from various backgrounds. [2015]


Guest editors

Ashraf Zain (Bahasa Melayu editing)

Chow Yong Shuang (Chinese Language editing)

Iskandar Zulkarnain (Bahasa Melayu editing)

Leo Yap (Chinese language editing)

Christopher Liew (Chinese language translation)

Lim Siew Ling (Chinese Language editing)